Monday, April 25, 2011

Gowk's-Storm 113/365

I have a friend on Facebook called Scottish Word of the Day. I felt this was fitting.

From my "forgotten English" word of the day calendar .... "Gowk's-storm". Several days of tempestuous weather.....beginning in April at the time the gowk, or cuckoo visits the country. LOL...................Renea

Leslie said this:

Learned something new today.
Several days of tempestuous weather.
That would be the last three days as in snow, rain, sun, rain, hail, sun....

Need proof?

Of course with the snow and rain Jack didn't work, once again messing my day up and keeping me from laying out CQ Blocks on the living room floor to make my skirt. The Charlie jacket isn't going to happen :( maybe next time *sigh*

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