Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slacker That I Am 95/365

I missed some photo ops today because I managed to leave my camera in the wrong purse. Time was I would NEVER do that! I went to knit group with videoknitter and Leslie at the Yarn Outlet then to Mill Outlet for shiny threads, metallic needles and to look at boning for a corset and then to see a gal from quilt guild who actually made my stash look like it could fit in a suitcase! I have fabric envy. Serious fabric envy.

But I have no pictures.

 My bad.

At least I can show you the progress on my knitted/beaded bags.Almost halfway done on the grey one and on the 4 bead row on the pink one. I bought a size 000 24" circular for the next one, which will probably be green. The small needle will probably encourage blindness but if that happens I have decided to be like Jose Feliciano and play guitar and listen to audio books all day.

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