Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dogs n Stuff(ed Cats) 104/365

So I have decided that this year since I am not actively adding to my physical stash of fabric, beads and yarns, I would actively add to my stash of life experiences My friend from high school, Cheryl, called and asked if I wanted to drive up to Elizabeth,CO with her to help move some dog crates for a friend who has a bad back... well SURE!. We stopped at Panda Express for some body fuel and took a nice drive on HWY 83 north. We turned East past the Palmer Divide and can you say KANSAS!?! Colorado is not all mountains let me tell you.

At the house were we greeted by this:

I also got my picture taken with a stuffed bobcat...tell me I don't know how to live LOL!

After the hauling of the dog crates and tearful goodbyes (One girl was moving to California) we drove back south down HWY 83 looking at the beautiful mountains again. We stopped at Cottonwood Creek Recreation Center to watch Mike play a miserable inning of softball. It was freakin cold!!!!!!

I had five messages on my answering to deal with when I got home but I had fun. Now it's off to the bathtub for a nice long soak and off to bed to recover. I hope I don't dream about escalators again.

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