Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Gift of Fabric from Nana

I've become close with a lady my mom went to school with. We met after I emailed everyone in my mom's address book to tell them she was too sick to be on the computer. Then I started a blog at to keep everyone informed on her progress right up until she died.

Nana and I have become great friends! She bought one of my Mother's Quilts with her grandsons' birthstones. She also made my mom a lap blanket which I kept. I made her a DPN case and put in a few sets of DPNs so she wouldn't have to drive 40 miles for them.

Yesterday I got a nice package from her! I am going to use most of these fabrics for knitting needle cases. I think the red/gold will go nicely on the red/green/gold CQ blocks I'm piecing.

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