Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Work Scarf for Jack

I have a great husband, Jack. He can cook, clean, fix cars and stuff around the house. He works hard for his money and love him to pieces!

Last Friday he got snowed out of work. I had asked him before to go to the yarn shop, Knitter's Kove, (omg one of my most favorite places on earth!!) to pick out yarn for a cabled riding jacket I want to make. He really didn't want to but since he wasn't doing anything else, he agreed.

Once we got inside he was MOVED by all the yarn...he turned around in a circle looking at it, touched different skeins to see what they felt like and basically got caught up in the beauty of it all. (I know how he felt. That happenes to me all the time) Finally he said, "I need a scarf."

Huh? You're actually asking me to make you something?!?

He really did want a a scarf! He's asked me to make things before but for other people, not him.

We talked about color, size and feel and I asked him if we could shop my stash for yarn because we weren't finding what he wanted there in the store . (I promise to buy the yarn for the cabled riding jacket there...we both agreed on a greyish blue wool mohair blend for that)

When we got home I grabbed a couple of yarns I had stashed, let him feel them (they had to be SOFT), got measurements and did my swatch. He fely it and decided it was a good weight and feel and gave me the go-ahead.

After I knit a few rows I realized I probably wouldn't have enough to finish it so when we went to Hobby Lobby I grabbed a couple of things on sale to add to it. I ended up not using one of them...too GIRLY!! But all in all I am very pleased with the results...It's gonna be spectacular AND warm!!!!

PS I took it to knitting group with me and got their nod of approval...I told Jack his scarf had woman knitter cooties on it from all the fondling :)

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