Monday, December 8, 2008

Police Drama and what I learned from it

Friday Dec 5, 2008 we had a slight POLICE DRAMA in front of our house. A guy was shot and killed and wrecked right by my alley...yikes!!! Here are the videos if you want to see them...

Here's my TOP Ten List of things I learned about it....

10. Everyone loves a good shooting/car wreck!

9. Closing Constitution Ave messes up a lot of people’s travel plans.

8. People will assume YOU are the one who did the shooting.

7. You can’t always get on TV no matter how hard you wave at the camera.

6. Flashing red and blue lights look good against a mountain backdrop.

5. Your driveway parking privileges may be revoked at any time.

4. Gunshots sound a lot like your neighbor banging on his Ford truck with a hammer.

3. The more anxious you are to get exciting video uploaded the more your computer will lag, freeze and not co-operate.

2. Your pizza might get cold if you wait an hour to go get it.

And the #1 thing I learned from this whole thing….They don’t let ya keep crime scene tape.

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