Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Long Train Home

Well I made it. I am back home in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado!

I got to spend just a couple of hours walking around the Loop in Chicago because the train up there was late. I had intentions of going to the Art Institute as it used to be free on Tuesdays, but they changed it to free on Thursday evenings after 5 PM so I took the advice of a photographer I met on the way there and went to Millennial Park. OMG how beautiful! I wish I could show you but I ran in to a slight problem with the micro memory card Deanna gave me. My computer won't read it. It worked fine in her computer so I need to look for drivers for it later. I did take it to Walgreens to have the images put on a CD but they couldn't help me with the videos. *sigh*

Anyway Chicago rawked as usual but the train ride did not. It was packed so they assigned us seats and the young man that had to sit with me would rather have poked burning hot needles in his eyes I am sure. He was the rudest person I have ever met on the train! I was going to make a video of me saying how much he didn't want to sit with me and point the camera at him to make him even more uncomfortable but he sat in the lounge until they found him another seat. I didn't get another seat mate until 9PM and she smelled heavenly so it turned out a little better. Still, I couldn't lay down to sleep so I didn't get much rest. Jack can sleep sitting up or reclining in his chair but that's a skill I never acquired. Unless it's off-season, from now on I will fly and skip the cramped quarters.

I did meet another knitter! Her name was Christina M (sounds vaguely familiar hmmmmmm lol!) and as soon as she adds me on Ravelry I'll give you her name on there.

The train was ONLY 1 1/2 hours late into Denver. Grrrrrrrrr why don't they just say on their schedules..."We'll be late, you can count on that!" I did manage to catch the last morning FREX bus.

My friend Pam was busy so I caught a taxi home from the Tejon Park and Ride. (For some reason I didn't feel guilty about spending the last of my cash on it. When I looked through the mail I saw that Jack had received Mommy Kim's income tax refund lol...I must have sensed it)

My house was immaculate, the laundry was done, the mail was sorted and waiting for me on the table and all my plants looked good! Wow am I lucky or what!?! Now today I am playing catch up on a few things and making plans to get my etsy shop back up and running. I have some website work to do for Michael, a mother's quilt to do for Sissy, and when my UPS boxes get here from Illinois, I have fabric to sort. Busy busy me.

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