Thursday, July 2, 2009

Picking My Knitting Back Up

How can it be Thursday again already? I mean seriously, my last post was a week ago?!?

I have been dealing with this mess on my desk, that much I know. See that cell phone? I had to wait for Fed Ex to deliver it then I had to spend an hour on the website trying to activate it. When that didn't work I spent a half hour on the phone with customer service only to learn they need to send me a new SIM card and then I have to call back and recite a zillion billion numbers to get my case opened back up. Oy Vey! Maybe I should keep my piece o crap phone with the Elvis charm dangling off it. There's no room for Elvis on the new phone :(

My time has also been filled with knitting. I knew the bug would hit me again sooner or later. I finished the two pink/brown tams and I have been working on a doofy hat for Tony/Beef,
a blue cotton sweater for me, and a brown vest for Pam. I made a baby hat too but I'm too lazy to go take a pic. It needs a flower embellishment first anyway.

I also got the blocks for Shane and Jessica's wedding pillow sewed. I was going to do a wall quilt but I thought "Hey a pillow would be cool too. Maybe even cooler" I called my sister and told her and she said "Cool!" so that settled it. I hope to start embroidering those today.


Leslie said...

Wow, you have been busy since you got home...

The blocks are lovely and BTW, I have 2 more aspen leaves for you that were turned in late..

Hope said...

Your knitting and quilting looks amazing Rebecca. Welcome back to the world of yarn... you never fully escape its wooly tentacles. ;)

Sandra said...

Great hats and the brown sweater looks so cozy, perfect for Colorado winters.