Friday, December 24, 2010

Sneak Peak for 2011 Challenge

A little teaser for upcoming stash busting challenge. Example #1 is how I pull yarns together for a OOAK scarf or Hat and scarf set. I used an eyelash/fur type of yarn in teal/black/purple/gold and pulled colors to match from giant box of stash yarns (have more tucked away but gonna work from this box first) Not enough here for a hat but maybe another scarf.

In this pile we have more than enough blues for a whole set. I even have more of the soft fuzzy stuff at the top. This could be one for me lol.

More for me. Lace shawl or scarf in baby alpaca. OK one for me one to sell/gift.

Got beads, sequins and charms? Damn skippy I do! I am thinking this could be a  very productive year...geesh I didn't even touch on the fabrics!

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