Friday, September 9, 2011

Return to Madness 213/365

So I'm officially bonkers again. After the Steampunk meetup I was sitting here in the computer room and I kept hearing these strange bumping noises. I got up a couple of times and peeked in at Dakota asleep in his recliner in the living room and at Jack in the bed. I decided it must be Jack tossing and turning again so I let it go.

Fast forward to midnight. Jack's phone rang. I looked at the number. Jennifer/Dalton...whatever... let it ring...Five minutes later it ran again so I answered it thinking maybe it was something serious. Yeah right. It was Dalton wanting to know where Dakota was. Uh, school night, he's in bed. He said "He was supposed to meet me and he didn't and his window isn't open so I know he didn't leave but he's not there" WHAT!?! Yes, he IS here. He insisted I go check, because he didn't believe me. I did...I knew he was back there because he had just got up and went to bed after I turned all the lights on and turned the TV loud to Project Runway (HA!). I told Dalton he was indeed in bed asleep then told him not to call here at midnight anymore. Then I walked my happy ass out to check the window...yep open just a crack. Hmmmm...could it be that Dalton was the one making  the noise earlier? I had to pee. I went to the bathroom and about peed straight down my leg. The freaking screen to the window had been punched all the way in towards the shower stall. We had the window open since it was so nice out. I saw RED!!! The little bastard attempted to come in the bathroom window! I am so gonna pop a cork to Jack tomorrow.....

Calmed down, sat back down, picked up knitting, settled in to watch the cat fights between designers.

Saw Dakota's light come on, his door open and him standing there looking at me. he turned and went into the bathroom and came right back out. As soon as he shut his door I hopped up and went in...Yep he "Fixed" the screen. No way Jose. I "RE-FIXED" it the way it was and woke Jack up. I went back outside and behold, the window is now WIDE OPEN! I knew Dalton was in the room with Dakota. Too many coincidences. Jack didn't want to get up but I told him (very loudly) GET UP OR I'M CALLING THE POLICE! I showed him the window, told my story of weird noises and phone calls and he tried to get into Dakota's room. Locked...hmmmm interesting. Popped the lock and wow Dakota had gone soundly back to sleep in the course of two minutes with me shouting right next to his room. Unlikely.

A few minutes later the neighbor's dog went nuts so we figured Dalton had made his escape. Once again I kicked myself for not moving the cactus over in front of the window to give him a little surprise when he fled. Evidently I don't think well at 1 AM under stress.

Jack jumped Dakota's case again this morning. After he left for school (yeah right...whole other rant there per the calls from counselling saying he has been absent most of the week) we proceeded to lock his windows and take the window cranks off just like we did when Marena still lived here and she was pulling her crap. It was satisfying even though we know it will be for naught sooner or later. Jack already has a new plan up his sleeve involving camouflage clothing and shadows and blah blah blah...I can't divulge too much ya understand...

If you are wondering why we don't just make Dakota go live with his mom, we need him here to keep our state benefits until Jack gets back to work again. After that I foresee a long and quite life without him.

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