Thursday, September 22, 2011

Revealing the Masterpiece at Quilt Guild 222/365

I finished up the 2012 Crazy Quilt Challenge quilt! Or rather... I thought I did :|

I showed it at quilt guild and about 5 women told me I needed to do more with the border. As in quilt it. Uh yeah, no I don't think so. Not now at least. I just can't it's too much to think about. Maybe I'll use buttons and bring a little of the embroidery into two opposite corners. But seriously...quilt it? all of it?!? Vintage CQs weren't quilted. I side with Freddie and Gwen on this whole perfect quilt thing. Why does it have to fit someone else's idea of perfect?

Yes, it needs a sleeve and a label. Yes, the brown satin border paired with the backing didn't quite work but if I hadn't quilted in the ditch to satisfy some would-be quilt show rules it might have looked a little better. But no, I don't think I need to quilt the whole dang border. Now if someone had volunteered to do it.. for Free... maybe.

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