Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My writing Space (joke ha!)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

First off, calling this a writing space is ridiculous. It's a MESS! No matter how hard I try to keep it clean and tidy I fail. Fail I say.

Right now I  have on this table I use for a computer desk:
  1. A piece of   a blouse someone gave me with embroidery and pearls on it
  2. A dozen buttons I cut off other blouses while adding to my crazy quilt fabric stash
  3. Tei-Fu oil
  4. Allergy medicine
  5. Nasal spray
  6. Bottle of pain reliever tablets
  7. Old cell phone I keep for addresses
  8. Current cell phone
  9. Paring knife
  10. Shot glass from Niagara Falls
  11. Fortune from fortune cookie
  12. Nail polish
  13. A thumbtack
  14. A knitting needle sizer
  15. Doily pattern
  16. Doily being made from that pattern
  17. Deck of playing cards with Illini on the Back (my mom's) 
  18. Two extra playing cards 4 and 5 of spades
  19. 2 GB Sd card
  20. Two memory sticks that equal 1 GB together
  21. An unplugged webcam
  22. Two Rossville-Alvin Yearbooks 1974 and 1975
  23. Business cards
  24. Medical alert bracelet
  25. A cough drop
  26. Two sticks of gum
  27. A dime
  28. Two bobby pins
  29. Yellow quilting straight pin
  30. Field service report slips
  31. Dr.s Appt card (for last month)
  32. Small wad of thick yarn
  33. Large paper clip
  34. Thank you card from my nephew and his wife
  35. Coffee cup with pens, pencils,hole punch, chopsticks, crochet hooks, a ruler, an emery board
  36. 5 pennies
  37. Guitar picks
  38. Fingernail clippers
  39. Extra SD card reader
  40. Small notepad
  41. Crocheted hat with alien eyes
  42. Blue hair comb
  43. Picture of a friend taken in 1986
  44. Some plastic things from a canvas I don't know how to use
  45. Mix tape from 1997
  46. Book of poems I wrote
  47. Brochure for Bible study Thursday nights
  48. Brochure for fabric store
  49. Pierced ear care booklet
  50. Another crochet pattern
I'm stopping at 50. No I will NOT take a picture hahahahaha! Yes, I will clean my desk off but what's the point? If you look far enough back in my blog you will fins a similar post anyway. Some things never change.

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