Monday, January 4, 2016

Grungy Reclaimed Art Journal Project

Behold some pages in my new art journal.

I had a leftover wine journal from last year which was in the Xmas stuff at work. I offered it to the building manager first and when he declined I decided it was mine for the make over.

I glued about half the pages together and ended up with 22 full page spreads. It started out that I was only going to do the right hand sides  using Shannon Green's Journaling by Fives method. But that didn't last long and before I knew it I was going full blast on both sides. 

I did roughly follow her steps though.
1. Background with paint or inks
2. Add Texture with collage or recycling
3. Add Pattern with stamps or stencils
4. Focal point with words or images
5. Details with pen and pencil

This page is in reference to The Phases of The Moon Festival which I did not get to attend (obviously). They held it at Kennecuck Cove and it poured down rain for the first few days. Government Mule was there and I really would have liked to have seen them, but at least I did get to watch a live stream,

 I've had a horrible time with my new local library. I dedicate this page to the gals behind the desk (you know who you are)

 He is tacky but he's not really my boyfriend

First person ho "gets" this spread wins a domino necklace (for real). Leave a comment explaining what you think it means. I even hope for more than one winner.

I hope to get pictures of all my quilts tomorrow and all the quilts I have lined up to do after that.

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