Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Making Memorial Quilts

I have been asked to make some Memorial Quilts this winter.

The first request came from my sister on behalf of one of her friends then not even a week later someone tagged me on Facebook in response to a call for someone to make a quilt from her deceased mother's clothes. I got the job and I  have another one in the wings, again from Facebook. I did four quilts back around 2000 for a family from their mother's clothes.

For some people giving up a loved one's clothes after they pass away is heart wrenching and nearly impossible. I hope I can help these people out with one of a kind quilts that reflect their loved one's personalities (based on their clothes -so far I haven't done one for someone I actually knew in life).

The hard part is deciding on a design. The cutting of the clothes comes easily for me since I deconstruct lots of garments for my crazy quilt fabrics.

I've been really good about keeping track of my designs this time. It's good to do that when you want to charge a fair price yet not cut yourself short.

This lady was an EMT. I got two of those pink t-shirts with Fountain County EMS logos. The lady who requested this quilt actually wants two. She gave this one to her sister for Christmas. I will give her a choice of replicating this one or a whole new design for her personal quilt.

Finished size 35" x 35". Reversible. Crazy quilted on front and back made from t-shirts.

The next lady, my sister's friend, didn't want anything so fancy. She told me her dad was a simple man who liked nothing better than working hard and sleeping in a warm bed. She sent quite a big selection of his clothes and I decided to do a traditional 9 patch design. She also sent a quilt top his mother had pieced and two of her hankies to write their respective names and dates of birth and death. Below is how it progressed.

Finished size 68" X 68"

If you would like a Memorial Quilt for your loved one please text or leave a voicemail at 719 200 2193 or email me at  rebecca@crazyrebeccas.com. Prices start at $100.00.

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