Saturday, February 20, 2016

Doing What They Said Couldn't Be Done

I started this particular quilt many moons ago...maybe 2004? I got as far as quilting most of the center checkered part then gave up. Something was off but I didn't know quite how to fix it. I came to Colorado in 2007 or so and there it sat still waiting to be finished. I took the opportunity to take it to Quilt Guild in 2010 for a special program where a committee would look at your problem UFOs and give you some advice. Well guess what? They had no advice for me other than cut off the border fabric and make pillows out of the rest. Not what I wanted to hear. I left the quilt in Colorado when I left in Oct 2011 but it made it's way back to me in April 2012. I didn't have the space to work on quilts until I moved into this apartment. I drug out several quilt tops and UFOs and this one begged me to finish it somehow, some way.

I started by finishing up the quilting in the center then did the ecru inner border. I made some tuck pleats in the hateful outer border then sewed on the binding and hand sewed it down in the back.


Is it perfect? No. Does it represent me perfectly? YES! It's made from unconventional materials, it was told it wasn't good enough,  it's been drug halfway across the country and back and it had to wait patiently for its time to come. Just like me.


Anonymous said...

Love your videos!

Anonymous said...

You have made me believe in myself and my sewing. Thanks for all your videos.