Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm Back and I have a new Plan

I've been looking at some other blogs n stuff and I have decided I want to challenge myself to post (almost) everyday and do one of those 365 pictures thingys. Mine will be the self portrait thing...for good or for bad.

Whoa do I really mean that? I mean what if I get up late and feel bad and my hair is all funky and my pants don't fit right because I ate too much salt? Wow a lot of things could go wrong with this!

The good part could be that I could use this as a way to promote my knitting and my music and my crazy quilts even.

Day knitting on a mountain up Rampart Range Road


meg said...

yay becca!

Leslie said...

You do it, I'll read it! You can, ya know!

meg said...

hey I got surprised to try clicking on that picture and that is gorgeous you are in the big nature!