Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh to be At The Garden of the Gods Again 19/365

I'm frantically getting ready for the Craft Show tomorrow. A part of me wishes I was at The Garden of the Gods hanging out and taking pictures.

Jack and I went to Vera's for tables. After setting them up in the garage for a dry run I packed up what I could in the trunk of the car. I'll worry about pricing stuff tomorrow. Some of it is already priced the quilt kits and fabric.

I'll be diversified that's for sure. I'll have knitted hats, scarves, fingerless gloves. I'll have beaded lanyards and bracelets. I'll have the crazy quilt wall hangings, kits, blocks, fabrics. I'll have the walking sticks. I even have a few doilies. *Shows off proficiency in needle arts*

I hope to get a lot of promo pictures if nothing else!


Todd Spezia said...

Becky, very impressive art. I particularly like the walking staffs - I have been a wood carver off and on (nothing for a couple of years now) and can appreciate both the required eye and the skill to complete.

Leslie said...

Hopefully, I will get by tomorrow.