Sunday, October 18, 2009

Make New Friends but Keep the Old 15/365

I had such a good time over the past few days at the PPQG Quilt Show. I got to work with several guild members, pick their brains about business opportunities, explain quilts, and best of new friends!

That's Julie in front of the blue quilt. She didn't piece it but she quilted it. She got laid off and went ahead and bought a long arm machine to try to make some $$$ doing what she loves. The pinwheel quilt is one she pieced AND quilted.

Next we have My BFF, Leslie, in front of her Fiber Pirate Art Quilt I told the story on it about 50 times at LEAST! The Stonehenge/Hale Bopp comet quilt is hers too.

My 365 pic o' the day is me and my new friend, Connie. We met on the Yahoo CQE list. She crazy quilts and does some awesome work. I hope to see her at guild meeting Wednesday.

And last but not least...I found out there really IS a quilt police...I just hope he never catches me mixing my cottons and my polys and not squaring up my blocks before sewing them togetehr!

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Leslie said...

Gret post, thanks for sharing me...