Thursday, October 8, 2009

Solving the Tropical Flower Dilemma

I asked for help on embellishments for this challenge quilt but I couldn't afford the recommended book and the coloring book option didn't help either so I cheated. Yeah you heard me I CHEATED!!!! I got two packs of scrapbook stickers at WalMart and Hobby Lobby and used them for the basis of some blocks then I made up my own flowers from the recess of my (slightly psychotic) mind. I still have to add the beads and ribbons. I found out on the ocean part that I still have a tendency to put beads too close to the edge

The blue picture is the ocean center for the quilt. It totally isn't what it started out to be but I'm thinking it could turn out pretty spectacular. I have until the 14th to get it all done.

Day #6 picture Becky Loves Jack

Oh...and welcome to my new layout...didn't mean to confuse you all but I wanted a change!

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Leslie said...

Well, most of my quilts are different from what they thought they were going to be when I started. Awesome! Can't wait to see in person.

If you post it they will come...