Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doing Denver 143/365

OMG what a great day in Denver! Sharie dropped me off at 7:30AM at Union Station and I went for coffee at my  favorite cafe...uh they moved it and changed the name but I recognized the bookshelves and the chalkboard menus once I was in there. OK that probably made no sense...OK I went to where my fav coffee shop WAS and it turned into some kind of Italian place and I was all like...dang...so I turned west and was headed for the Tattered Cover when I saw another coffee shop..."Hey here's a coffee shop" and a few seconds later "Oh my I think this is the old coffee shop just in a different place YES!!!!!!" And not only that, the barristas complimented my hair and earrings.

I next traveled on to the bookstore and guess what I found? A Sock pattern book with two of Gina's patterns in it....SCORE!!!

Back to Union Station to give Sheila a call. She picked me up and we went to the yarn store where she and Leslie and Anita knit. Too cool.

Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe with my buddy from camfrog, Keefer...we have convinced Sheila to join the fun so she can get sucked in to our world LOL! (Side note...I had so much fun I missed my bus ...whoops...caught the 3:30...called Jack...all is well he was cool about it).

Talked to some nice people on the bus, finished sock #2 from the Mini Mooshie yarn, got McNasty's for supper, hurried up and got ready for a special thing at church and now....I'm slightly exhausted so I'll catch ya'll tomorrow

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Leslie said...

Jealous (1 Million) looks like it was all fun and you are right, that Keefer is kinda cute...

WV : pintess