Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Poor Desk 145/365

Here is what was on my desk LOL! (Didn't think about taking a BEFORE pic and doing this as a blog post until after the fact. I was originally just giving Sharie a laugh with it)

Hancock Fabrics coupon flier
earrings, rings
guitar tuner, picks, capo, USB microphone
d*fuzz*it sweater comb
business cards
sheet of lighthouse stamps
journal with phone numbers, passwords, misc entries
two bills
bank statement
jack Daniels cup with pencils,pens, scissors
tin lid with beads and scrapbook goodies
blood kit
eight tubes of lip stuff-carmex, blistex, lip gloss etc (from my purse)
knitting needle gauge/ruler
metro bus pass
three scratch pads
fake million dollar bill
earphones from airplane
plastic whistle
MP3 player
embroidery floss
envelopes with phone numbers and doodles
address books
pop up sticky notes
eyeglasses prescription
memory cards
a small Polaroid of Deanna
cotton balls
wee circle magnets
hand knit by Rebecca Halley labels
a box of bookplates
usb thumb drive
cup of herbal tea
small light bulb

I put things away as I found them...any bets as to how long it will take me to trash the desk again?


Leslie said...

Your desk sounds like the contents of my purse minus the musical bits..

Leslie said...
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Cynthia said...

Hmmm. Well my desk is just as messy, but not nearly as interesting. If I'm going to be cluttered, I'm going to have to get more interesting clutter like yours (LOL).

Good work.