Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long Day Shopping 133/365

We have been so poor for so some danged ol' money in our pockets and went on a MAJOR shopping spree. Nothing frivolous, food, glasses and a watch for Jack, clothes and shoes for me, phone minutes, candy eggs with caramel know, stuff we needed lol.

I found the perfect brown V neck sweater I have been looking for... for the past three years. I found brown flat shoes finally too after looking for months. I am beat. 

Here's clouds and snow blowing on Pikes Peak. Took this after we ate at Gunther Toodys for breakfast.

We came home, unloaded the first load of groceries (OMG my pantry looks awesome!) and went back out to eat again. Yep it's been a long hard winter.
My 365 is at Olive Garden...oh..I must tell you the story of the wicked women from NYC who sat  behind us. They proceeded to telll the waiter they were both diabetics so what could they have off the menu.'s a pasta place...try a salad? They debated for a good 10 minutes with him about mena choices. ( what you want just split your meal into halves and take one half home) Finally decided on soup and chicken parmeson with the NOODLES ON THE SIDE Do NOT put the NOODLES UNDER THE CHICKEN!!! The soup didn't have enough saugsage in it so they complained loudly about that. Then something was wrong with the chicken so they complained loudly about that. It just felt a little too contrived for me. Two or three management types were hovering around trying to please them. I told Jack "They just complained their way into a free meal" So not fair.


HAHAHAHA! I have no idea why the camera decided to artsy fartsy me up but I like it!

Oh yeah one more story...we go to Big Lots for the first time in 3 years. Jack gets safety  glasses and his phone card and I get the bunny bites. No big deal. Head for the check out. See a lady in line and get behind her. Hear some one say "EXCUSE ME LADY!" Look back to see a black gentleman come from behind a display...I saw his cart there but he wasn't standing near it so I thought someone had left it. OK...sorry dude..go ahead. he angled toward a cashier so I stepped up to the next one...I hear "HEY LADY THIS IS ONLY ONE LINE!" Huh? Why is it one line? There are two cashiers. "THEY TAKE WHOEVER IS NEXT IN LINE" Dude...I ain't shopped here in three years...I don't know the protocol.... in some kind of mega rush or what? I looked back at Jack and saw a danger sign flashing. He was ready to tell the guy off but luckily Mr. MyTimeIsWayMoreImportantThanYours got called to the next cashier...yay he got his way! He made it out of the store 30 whole seconds before us! Victory was his!!!!!!!!!


Leslie said...

OMG, your day sounds like my mine.

You FOUND the brown sweater, awesome.

I want to see the shoes of course..

JanuskieZ said...

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