Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Slight Moment of Panic 127/365

I got it in my head to switch out rings today. I usually wear an opal ring from the Garden of the Gods, a small diamond from Jack, a silver wedding band made in an Arizona prison by a friend and a Southwest black onyx pinky ring from my mom.

I was ready for something different. I got my jewelry roll from its hiding placed and started trying on rings. For my middle finger, the first ring Jack bought me. For my wedding finger, the solitaire diamond I traded a quilt for and a small gold band of my mom's that went with another set (my REAL wedding rings still don't fit ugh). OK where's my mom's pinky ring, the one with all the diamonds she gave me at Judy's before she came out here? OMG where is it?!?

I looked by my chair in the living room, in both jewelry boxes, on my computer, not there. PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I remembered knocking something off my nightstand. At first I didn't find it but yay finally I the crevice formed by the collapsing box I call a night stand in a sheet that was peeking out. WHEW! No tossing and turning over the ring for me tonight.

Didn't watch any of the Stupid Bowl...just the half time thingy with the Who. very cool light show but man those guys are old!

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Leslie said...

Oi, nightmares when I misplace a ring, glad it turned up. I didn't watch either, but they are getting old!