Monday, January 6, 2014

Bent (oh that Hateful Peer Pressure)

Monday, January 6, 2014
Tell us about a time you bent to peer pressure.

I really had to search the cobwebs of my mind for this one. I'm still a little foggy on it. I'm not generally a follower I'm that irritating person who walks to the beat of her own drummer.

The overriding reason I am still foggy about it is that there were drugs and alcohol involved. I thought I was being cool but actually I was just being stupid.

Flashback to 1979

After a band gig, probably in Danville IL, we all went to Rusty and Lyndell's house in Rossville. A drug dealer I shall not name here had two packets of drugs that looked similar. He accidentally gave someone the psychedelic drug instead of the cocaine. Yeehaw- He had a bright idea....Let's trick EVERYONE into doing the mescaline! That's when I was pressured into doing it too, but like everyone else, I was lied to. Told it was cocaine. Stupid stupid stupid. I had no business doing any kind of drug, but it was the 70s and we had no clue. There seemingly wasn't anything else to do in small town USA.

So we tripped. I freaked out. Didn't sleep for two days, Got sick. Swore to  never do it again.

So wait...something GOOD came out of this fiasco. I actually learned a lesson! I really did avoid psychedelics after that (Only other time I had a brush with them was when some different "friends" put LSD in a McDonald's Coke and gave it to me...both "friends" dead at a young age I may add). I also developed a deep distrust of drug dealers hahahahahaha! Imagine that.

At 54 years of age I look back on my misguided youth and wonder how I made it this far.

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