Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Admitting you have a Problem is The First step 19/365

I met grow365 on Twitter. She's way cool. You can stalk her blog like me HERE. Anyway she said she'd like to see my stash...yeah nothing like facing your addiction and sharing it with the world LOL!

Here ya go... I present for your approval: MT. STASHMORE!!!! (and not in it's entirety as I do not have the energy to drag out part of it lol)

The Cotton Fabric suitcase

The laundry room stash of CQ fabrics, trims, yarn, crochet stuff

More from laundry room Help me please!!!!!!!

large CQ fabric bundles

beads and jewelry findings, needles, threads

the box of yarn I am working out of now

beads for jewelry and CQ

three boxes of CQ fabric bundles in large ,medium and small sizes

there's a work table under there somewhere

the vintage fabric,linen,lace suitcase

Now you know...the rest of the story and why I must do this challenge...Ohh I feel free I really do


Sarah Bayly said...

wow I love all your stuff ... although I wouldn't want to just see it, i'd want to touch it all lol!

Debi said...

Awesome stash!! I feel your "pain". lol Good luck with your challenge!

grow365 said...

I am in AWE, Rebecca. If you can use all that up this year you should get a medal.
oh, and thanks for the linklove! you yourself are an awesome twitter find :)
peace, grow.

Malyszka-to-be said...

Thank you so much.... You make me feel so much better that I am not alone in the stashing mayhem! There are just many things that I want to do and supplies to do it all! And you know as soon as you get rid of something, you will need it! (I swear the rest of my life is not as cluttered!)