Saturday, January 8, 2011

Red and Black Scarf for LLRHINESTONE 8/365

This scarf is for LLRHINESTONE a wonderful singer/guitar player from the Canadian Rockies. I met her in camfrog.

Red and black. A timeless combination. Also very hard to photograph. Sorry for the craptastic webcam shots.

I used a red/gray chenille, red/black fun fur, red fuzzy, red rug yarn, gray wool and three different black acrylics.

Cast on 150 st onto a size 15 needle. Cut yarn. Attach next yarn and knit all stitches with a size 13 needle. Continue in this fashion alternating needle sizes. I always knit Black on to the size 13 to keep track somewhat. In the middle I did two rows of red and reversed the sequence back. Bind off with a stretchy method.

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