Monday, January 10, 2011

On the Needle or Can you say Obsessive? 10/365

Obsessive. Maybe Obsessive/Compulsive but definitely Obsessive! That's what got me into this whole craft supply overload in the first place.

You may ask yourself...How is she managing to get these projects done?...Well here's a partial answer...keep a bazillion projects going at all times to ward off boredom and up the productivity factor.

Behold my OTN (On the Needle)  projects :

Starting at upper left... Music note hat for Beef (Tony). Dishcloth from scraps as a part of Deanna's gift, brown self striping socks for Vicki (I started these back in October), Blue scarf awaiting crocheted flowers to be added and a blue/white potholder or purse I haven't decided what it's going to be yet.

Close up of dishcloth...gonna be cute!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh you thought that was all? Hahahahahaahaha silly rabbit...I have MOREEEEEEEEEEE! A 12 pt ball for Deanna's girls almost done (The pink, red, blue,white one) , Socks for Mindy...I'm slow at socks, and another 12 pt ball using size 1 needles that may take me all year to do...can you say BLIND and CRIPPLING?!?

So now you know....I have too many projects as well as too much yarn. Pray for me.

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