Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Great way to Use Up some Beads! 16/365

Click to join stitchmap

Click to join stitchmap

I sorta belong to a group called StitchMap on yahoo. It's a Student/Mentor needle arts group. I say sorta because I don't have much time to devote to it. The list mama lives here in Colorado Springs and when she came by to deliver a prize I had won for my nominal participation last year she encouraged me to try the January challenge...making a brooch.

We signed up and got installment lessons. After you completed each lesson you uploaded a picture into a special folder and notified the coordinator who emailed you the next step. Here's my process and finished piece.

Very addicting. I'm making a smaller round one now.

The sheer fabric was supposed to be a part of the finished design bit I kinda had an incident with glue when I was putting it all together resultinging in having to trim it off . Whoops my bad.


BJS said...

I like it used in the necklace. It also looks better without the sheer fabric. Very lovely!

Azurafae said...

This is beautiful. I'm really impressed. Now, I want to make a smaller version.