Tuesday, January 11, 2011

They're Out to GET ME I swear they are! 11/365

Oh the pressure! I have been offered fabric and a lady who wants a doofy hat wanted to buy yarn for it before she even looked at my stash. (We settled on the baby alpaca in rose for the hat after an hour of looking through Mt Stashmore...what!?! My baby alpaca nooooooooooooooo....oh wait I must let go I must use it up I must I must)

Then the sales papers from JoAnn's came and I made the mistake of looking at Craigslist...UGH! DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN STUPID! I went looking for musicians and thought "Oh I'll just see what's in arts and crafts...yeah uh that would be fabric and beads and an Elvis quilt kit CHEAP. Nooooooooooooooo!

The good news is I finished a pot holder LOL! Yes the purse became a potholder. Stuff happens.

Chain 20-25 with size I crochet hook and two strands on acrylic worsted weight. Sc across, 3 sc in end chain, sc across back loops, 3 sc in first ch. Sl in next stitch and sc in every stitch around and around until it's square. Sl stitck both sides together. At end of row chain 10-12 and sl to join for loop. Tie off good, cut and bury ends. Go cook something.

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Julie said...

Be very careful using acrylic for a potholder.

Acrylic MELTS when hot...

(ask me how I know... OK, I'll tell you. Left an acrylic potholder on a hot pan handle, and it kind of melted to the handle...)