Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Rules 2/365

I should set a few rules.

  1. No buying yarn, fabric or beads unless it is for a custom prepaid item for which I do not have the supplies.
  2. I may purchase sewing threads and maybe quilt battings, glue and tape as needed but only if I absolutely need them.
  3. The accepting of stash enhancing gifts will be discouraged but accepted with graciousness if the gifter absolutely insists.
  4. No dragging stuff home from the put and take table at quilt guild.
  5. Challenge ends Dec 31,2011 or when ALL FABRICS, BEADS and YARN have been used. (Ha we all know this is NOT going to happen unless I make this a 10 year challenge which I am not)
  6. I will post as many pictures of items made as I can and keep a detailed list on the 2011 Stash Challenge page.
  7. I will not panic at the thought of using my precious precious stash for this challenge.
  8. I will have fun.
  9. I will have fun.
  10. I will have fun.


Carol said...

Ha, let us know if you can accomplish #7!!

tori said...

glad to have linked to your site from your interview on 365 days, rebecca.
this is a fabulous idea..I feel a twinge of kindred spiritedness.
good luck with your dr. suess colors..made matching scarves for my daughter and I with the same kind of suessian color scheme in mind.
happy 2011,