Saturday, January 22, 2011

De-Stash and Make Money Too 22/365

Long time readers will know of my fondness for a good co-incidence. See the following posts for proof
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 Here's one that just happened to me.

I play music in a camfrog room called Acoustic_Pond. This room was started by another friend who, for lack of a better way to put it, was asked not to come back to the room called Acoustic_Jam where we used to all play. Friend makes me "red" which is kind of room owner status. Makes another friend red, knocks her back to green (operator status), makes her red again, knocks her back to blue (friend only status) all without explanation of why said color changes took place. Other disturbing behavior accompanies this. Worry ensues. We find out friend who owns room failed to pay for room and was in danger of losing room...are you with me so far?

Maybe we were wrong for this next step but sometimes you have to go with your gut and besides, you weren't there to experience the whole thing so don't judge me. My friend whose color got changed and I pay for room and stage a somewhat modified hostile take over. Get cussed out. Feel relief after taking away first person's ability to change colors. Cue the crickets and lets move on....

What does this have to do with your stash, Rebecca? Well my dear readers allow me to explain.

 I needed $48.78 in my Paypal account to pay the 30 GSP to room owner (1 US dollar = .6253849 something British Pounds). I had $77 but that would have been cutting me a little short for Netflix payment and so on. OK don't panic, other friend sending check until they get Paypal set up. Meet up with room owner. Make deal. Go to Paypal....and here's where it gets weird.

I sold something. Actually I sold two somethings between the time I first checked my Paypal earlier in the evening and the time we met with owner to pay. These somethings were from my website 6 years ago and I had actually DELETED THOSE PAGES THIS PAST FALL! Omg are you getting goose bumps yet? How about now coz the total for these items came to $48.40. I'm sorry but I find this odd LOL!

"What were they!?!" you scream with morbid curiosity.

Two birthstone CQ kits, one for May and one for June. De-stash, make money, save music room. I rest my case.

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Dreams can come true! said...

I got the goosebumps! Angels are looking out for you.