Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Grand Haul from Gina 80/365

Oh my my what a day! Up down UP down...emotional roller coaster times 10.

I got a call from a former boss wanting website work done. Yes, I need the money but I am reluctant to accept the job because he's so hard to work for.

I got a call from someone who saw my website and wants a walking stick but wants badges/souveniers from different countries his wife had visited. "Look on Ebay for some and call me back dude"

The cuffs I beaded for the new fox stick weren't a good enough contrast so I have to make another set. The good news is Jack's etsy shop is getting a lot of attention...yay!

I opened my email to find a message from my first real BF, Rick Anderson. Not good as he killed himself a year ago. WTH!?! It was obviously a hack job and I reported it to Yahoo. Ugh.

I called my sister to tell her about the email and she told me my wayward brother's address so that was good.

Jack got the dreaded "End of Unemployment Benefits" letter but I got him signed up for another round so we are hopefully OK for another couple of months.

I went to Miss Jean's memorial service and cried my eyes out. She was dearly loved and everyone is really missing her. I gave Pam a copy of the picture I posted of Jean yesterday and everyone got a good chuckle. Jean would have loved that.

The best thing that happened though is the package I got from my upstream IME (International Moleskine Exchange) partner, Gina. I am overwhelmed by her generosity. Yards and yards of baby alpaca (blue) 100% silk (pink) and a lovely Merino lace weight (reds, golds, oranges), a new moley, tea, candy and other goodies....woooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Check it out!

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