Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nice Day for a Wild Wedding 63/365

The story you are about to hear is true. If I knew all the names I would change them to protect the innocent.

Dennis and Kelli got engaged earlier this year. The wedding date was set for Dec 5, 2009. I asked what their colors were so I could make them a quilt or pillow. purple, lavender, white, black. OK... good.

Time passes. I procrastinate. Pillow somehow gets done anyway. (Pictures and story on said pillow tomorrow)

Big day arrives. I get excited, rushing around to do my hair, make new pillow insert, find card, wrap gift.

Jack dropped me off at the Kingdom Hall with 15 minutes to spare.

Go in. It's a sea of purple! I wore pink.....what was I thinking!?!

Sign guest book. Find a seat. Settle in. Get camera ready.

Wait for music. Turn to see ring bearer, flower girls, moms of bride/groom, rest of wedding party, beautiful bride.

Cry. Take some decent pictures. Cry. Listen to wedding talk. Cry more.

Bow head for final prayer. Hear strange sound like a loudish cough/groan. Hear it again. Assume it's the young handicapped man who was earlier taken to the back for a coughing spell.


Notice a slight flurry of activity to my left, across the aisle.

Notice bigger flurry and someone being laid on floor.

Notice young man in row in front of me throw off his suit coat and go over along with the lady sitting next to me.

Hear the words "No pulse"


CPR, cell phones dialing 911.

Announcement from platform "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a medical emergency. We need you all to leave for the reception right away so the emergency vehicles can get in"

Stunned silence.

Yes. It happened. Someone died of a massive heart attack at the wedding I attended. I'm still in shock.

We all went ahead to the reception, but it was subdued to say the least. At least there was cheesecake.

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