Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Video Game Gene 87/365

I have it and so do all my kids. School holidays at our house were filled with Nintendo tourneys and a trip to the video store was for games more than movies. Right now I am playing on my PC but I still have a Nintendo 8 bit tucked away in the closet waiting to be brought to light in a flurry of Mario, Klax, Mega Man and Crazy Critters....Push up and Jump!!!!!

My favorite computer games right now are the shooting chickens in space- Chicken Invaders 3-Revenge of the Yolk, A puzzle game Da Vinci's Secret, a flower farming game Magic Farm-Ultimate Flower , Zuma, Cribbage and Insaniquarium (time trial mode). I will be getting a new one soon as I am a subcriber to Yahoo Games...what to choose, what to choose.

My 365 is me and my children back in April of 2008 (John, Gabe, me and Deanna)

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Leslie said...

Hmmmm? I dunno, I will never piss anyone off in your family, I am thinking. Great photo, BTW.

Now I understand shooting chickens.