Monday, December 28, 2009

I needed a picture...this is it 86/365

Wow what a day. Phone rang constantly all morning. I went on a Bible study over at Vera's. Jack and I went to the West Side to get groceries, kerosene and yarn (I know, I know but I didn't have the colors I needed for Leslie's doesn't count against me coz I make the rules here!) We even went to the HUmane Society to look at dogs and kitties even though the neighbor's cat came home finally (We had planned on going to see if it had gotten picked up by Animal Control) When we got home we realized we didn't feel like cooking so we went back to McNasty's for a cheap meal. Got a Redbox movie, Night at the Museum 2, and I sat and happily knitted through that and Antiques Roadshow...Now I am going to shoot chickens in space for awhile and hit the hay...carry on.

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Leslie said...

OMG, shoot chickens in space, what's that about.

I was only kidding about the hats (well, not really) but they certainly could have waited until you could go thru my stash instead of buying, altho, I don't have any hot pink yarn, either.