Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Make a Doofy Hat Look Good 61/365

This is the hat and glove set I made for John in South Carolina. Quite fetching on me if I do say so myself. Yeah, Yeah, I could use some modesty... get over it.

I have self diagnosed myself with adult ADD. I can't get organized, I can't concentrate on one thing, my mind is a whirlwind of activity. So many ideas so little time. Today I made a valiant effort to clean my studio only to think of 10 more projects I want to do. The studio is still a mess but I found some of my scissors lol. Hey look... a squirrel!

Here's the running list of my 100 thing challenge. (Side note: I fell off the wagon. I had to buy yarn for a dishcloth order then I went to Goodwill and bought a 6" canvas to repaint on and some bookplates for $.59 that I just had to have.)

1. Multi bead bracelet for Pam's daughter (headpins, beads, stretch cord)

2. Chain bracelet out of Kyles ugly necklace

3. Gold chain charm bracelet (chain,beads,charms,headpins,clasp)

4. Ball chain necklace with blue bead charms (chain from aunt karen, headpins, beads)

5. Silver chain with pink bead dangles (Chain, clasp, headpins,beads)

6. Long long pink beaded necklace

7. Teal/brown scarf hat set (mohair from beverly, brown acrylic)

8. Dish cloth set for Kelli and Dennis (cotton yarn, soap)

9. Another gold beaded charm bracelet (gold chain, beads, headpins, toggle clasp)

10. Dishrags for us (cotton yarn)

11. Felted potholder (wool yarn, fabric from leslie)

12. Denim potholders for Jack (quilted denim from laura, stripe print from Illinois)

13. Starfish dishrag (cotton yarn)

14. Small brown and teal hat and scarf set (brown acrylic, teal wool from knitters kove)

15. Finished large doily from vintage cotton

16. Black button bracelet (beads, buttons, wire, crimp beads)

17. Steelers skully hat for Matthew (black wool blend, gold Lopi)

18. Toy/dice shadow box for bathroom

19. Blue and white hat for Sherrie's son (brown sheep wool, white acrylic)

20. Brown/Black/blue/white beret for Sherrie (black ,brown acrylic,blue wool,white acrylic)

21. Blue dangle earrings (beads,headpins, ear wires)

22. Black dangle stretch bracelet for Jennifer tear's wife (head pins, beads, magic cord)

23. Dark blue drop earrings (headpins, beads, ear wires)

24. Ocean blue and white skully for Nattas (acrylic,wool)

25. Pink, black, gray checked hat for Debbie (acrylic,wool)

26. Two red green beaded garlands (fishing line, beads from flea market)

27. Two blue clear beaded garlands (fishing line, beads from flea market)

28. Blue and orange scarf for Shane (soft blue orange acrylic, thick orange acrylic)

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Is that an Illini or a Bronco scarf?

Fabric from Leslie, hmmm, sensing a theme here...